About us

N2S supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by assessing all of our activities and those of our clients against a hierarchy of outcomes, by sustainable processing of unwanted IT assets, and by providing Environmental Impact Reporting.

Our hierarchy of outcomes for IT assets

Re-use, Re-purpose or Re-deploy (to support internal initiatives)

Donate (to support employees, charities, and other external organisations)

Resell (to realise residual value, re-invest, and extend the life of unwanted IT assets)

Recycle (to dispose of redundant IT assets legally, ethically, and sustainably)


Our commitment since 2015 – 0% WEEE to landfill


Sustainability Metrics

N2S supports all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Below we have identified 3 that are most relevant to our business.


Clean Water and Sanitation

Vast quantities of water are used in the electronics manufacturing process. By extending the life of unwanted IT assets, we contribute to reducing water consumption in manufacturing, which in turn frees up more water to be used for domestic consumption. Additionally, numerous metals and chemicals in electronic equipment have the potential to create water contamination; by re-using, reducing, and responsibly recycling this equipment, we aim to help minimise the possibility of pollution.

We measure this in terms of litres of H2O avoided through reuse and recycling of IT.

Responsible Consumption and Production

By fomenting the reuse of electronic equipment, we help reduce the amount of new electronics purchased by our clients and ensure that it is responsibly recycled at the end of its life. This approach contributes to a circular economy.

We measure this in terms of kilos of IT assets processed through reuse and recycling with 0% going to landfill. 

Climate Action

The production, use, and disposal of electronic equipment generates a significant amount of carbon, the major contributor to climate change. By ensuring equipment is re-used, reduced, and responsibly recycled, we encourage carbon avoidance and generate carbon savings, contributing to this goal.

We measure this in terms of kilos of CO2 avoided through reuse and recycle cycles.


You can see our annual and quarterly figures going back to 2015 via our dashboard – click here

Based on our standard dashboard, we provide customised reporting for our clients to bring the SDGs to life with metrics that directly apply to their business and sector – whether in Government, Telecoms, Banking or FMCG.

We are a part of a community of like-minded organisations that Support the Goals

Contact us at sustainable@n2s.co.uk to see how we can help you support the UN Sustainable Development Goals