IT Recycling

N2S is the leader in the pursuit of zero-waste technology. We can help you to reduce your carbon footprint; improve your environmental profile and meet government, industry and security regulations with our pioneering recycling service.

Our services include:

Printed Circuit Board recovery

Precious metal recovery

Cable recovery

Cable granulation

Environmental compliance

Storage and inventory

Our team has a unique approach to IT recycling, using a refined process of dismantling each item to reduce cross contamination and ensure every element is recycled correctly.
Our methods are compliant with current WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling legislation and we provide a complete audit trail throughout the process. This includes full end-of-life audit reports and certificates of destruction to ensure you can track the journey of your old equipment, to a zero landfill end of life.
Where possible, we refurbish and resell redundant equipment, with our IT and Telecoms sales service.

If you also need to erase data from equipment before it is recycled our Data Destruction team are qualified to destroy data to Government secret level.

Take advantage of our IT recycling service and unlock these benefits.

Cost savings

Space savings

Customer and employee satisfaction


Improve your reputation by becoming clean and green

Achieve full compliance with criteria set out in the WEEE Compliance Scheme, and other legislation

Save space, reducing storage costs and the safety issues that surround redundant data

Boost employee morale and customer loyalty by demonstrating that you’re environmentally friendly

0% of our IT disposals go to landfill.

Do you have some old equipment you would like to dispose of? Contact our IT Recycling team here.