Zero waste, we did it, so can you.

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  • 16 / 03 / 16
  • By kloc

In 2015, we were delighted to be able to announce we recorded zero waste, meaning we sent nothing to landfill despite handling more than 1,000 tonnes of material.

Of all the materials we handled 328 tonnes was reused, 718 tonnes was recycled and 3.15 tonnes was high temperature energy recovery, which goes back to the National Grid.

Our performance is proof that the pursuit for a zero waste economy is plausible and if we can do it so can you.

However, the question you are likely to ask is why is the pursuit for zero waste and the circular economy so important? Well, let me explain.

Reducing waste has numerous environmental benefits. Landfill materials cause pollution and it is simply not sustainable to continue piling heaps of potentially hazardous waste into landfill at the current rates.

N2S operate in the IT and communications sectors, which between then contribute significantly to the amount of waste sent to landfill. As such it is only responsible for us to take this issue very seriously and indeed we do.

Achieving zero waste globally, which has to be the long term aim, would result in major benefits to our precious planet and a reduction of widespread environmental harm.

However, there are many other benefits for organisations, particularly in the IT sector, to consider putting the pursuit of zero waste high on their agendas, and here are just a few:

    • Most potential waste can be recycled and reused, providing resale opportunities.
    • Selling on your redundant equipment can provide you with a financial return on your investments
    • Improve operational efficiency – during the audit process, companies learn about their operational Β  processes – from inefficiencies to materials that could be reused. This often results in improvements in the way things are done.
    • Boost your ‘Green credential’ by having a robust commitment to recycling and waste reduction
    • Customer loyalty – in today’s ‘Green’ world customers want to be associated with environmentally friendly companies
    • Staff morale – employees take pride in working for an environmentally company.
    • Create a better workspace – create more space and reduce hazards by reusing rather than storing redundant materials.

Here at N2S we are passionate about our pursuit of zero waste and we hope we will be too. If you need any advice on this subject we would be only too pleased to talk to you and to show you the way forward.

By pursuing are quest for ‘zero waste’ we will be improving the health of our planet, whilst opening up significant money making opportunities – what is not to like?

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