Your hardware - has it had its day?

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  • 25 / 04 / 17
  • By N2S

In today’s modern, fast-paced world technology is becoming more and more important to ensure businesses and organisations can operate to full potential. What is more is the need to ensure the technology you are using is up to date, and indeed, up to the job.

Here at N2S we offer a comprehensive ‘desktop refresh’ service and during that work it is shocking to find how many organisations are using out of date hardware.

You may be surprised to hear we often find businesses using out of date PCs, old legacy hardware which is out of warranty and old programmes, such as Windows XP, which isn’t even supported by Microsoft any more.

These situations are high risk for a number of reasons. For example, older equipment may not run as quickly as you need it to, meaning you are not working as efficiently as you could be. Older equipment is also more likely to go wrong, which can cause unnecessary downtime. Perhaps most importantly older hardware may no longer be secure, which opens up all kinds of potential risks.

If the above scenarios sound familiar to you, it is high time to consider a complete desktop refresh. This would include installing brand new hardware, either Windows 7 or Windows 10. With this service the new kit would be configured specific to your company and all serial numbers, asset tags and hardware specifications would be recorded in a unique database. All data from the old PCs would then be safely transferred to the new PCs (or laptops) to ensure they all work in rapid time.

Another advantage to such services, especially if you use us here at N2S, is once we remove the old hardware we destroy any data containing devices and the recycle it in line with WEEE regulations.

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