IT Sales

If you’ve identified IT equipment that your business no longer has a use for, it can be tempting to log onto an auction website and try to sell it yourself. This can not only be time consuming but can also be difficult to ensure you have erased all the data correctly and in line with data protection legislation.

Where possible, we refurbish and resell outdated technology through service-accredited partners, so your equipment doesn’t go to waste and you could earn money back on your redundant investments.
We are fully transparent in our process to ensure that you understand your equipment’s resale value, any preparatory costs involved in its sale, such as Data Destruction, and its subsequent resale value.
Coming soon… we will be launching our new N2S stock exchange to give you even more control over selling your IT equipment through our purpose-built IT sales platform!

Sell your unwanted devices with us, and you’ll experience a range of benefits.

Money back

Space savings

Transparent process

Fuss-free sales

Minimise the time and effort it takes to sell outdated equipment

Get money back on your redundant IT investments

Free up storage space

Achieve peace of mind that your data is destroyed safely and securely

To price your equipment, and plan your sale, we’ll just need a few details from you. This includes:

Full part number

Additional modules installed

Condition – for example, used

Process or memory specification

Serial numbers, if available

When the device will be ready for collection

Your location

You can either supply this information to N2S, or we can arrange a mini audit and gather it ourselves.

Do you have some old equipment you would like to dispose of correctly and ethically? Then contact us here.