ROI with a difference

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  • 16 / 09 / 16
  • By kloc

I have just seen a great interpretation of ROI, which is usually defined as Return on Investment. The definition I have just read from International speaker on perpetual change, Jonathan MacDonald, is Risk of Inaction.

As I think of our business and life, this is a perfect description of where businesses can be, unable to untangle themselves of an infrastructure that deters them from changing.

N2S are in the business of driving and delivering technology change to better enhance business communication and delivery of service, with the environment at the heart of the business.

We have just exceeded our recycling target of 1000 tonnes of IT & telecommunication equipment that we have avoided going into landfill, we are now officially ZERO% to landfill. The small amount we can’t re-use, we have fed to a supplier for high temperature energy recovery, which in turns feeds the national grid. With 1% of rare earth metals recovered in this world, I know we can do better and we are working with a leading university to actually recover metals in an environmentally better way to smelting.

So for us to continue beating our environmental targets we partner with great companies like Track it Solutions to help provide an audit as a service to customers, so that they can start from a base of knowing their infrastructure. How many times do we ask the question, do you know what you have got? And the answer is “we have no idea”. So, between N2S and our partners, we now provide a total lifecycle solution for all IT and telecoms from audit to recycle.

When you look at the technologies that our great partners sell, it isn’t just the avoidance of landfill, it is the reduction in the carbon footprint and the savings to your business. Sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it? We would love to help. Please get in touch.

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