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  • 30 / 10 / 18
  • By N2S

N2S expands business with new site in Mansfield

N2S, the UK’s market leader in IT security and data protection, has expanded its business with a new site in Mansfield to support the company’s continued growth of services which to date have been delivered from the Head Office site in Bury St Edmunds.

The new 4,500 square feet site gives the team easy access to the A1 and M1 ensuring IT services can easily be provided to companies throughout the UK, resulting in shorter turnaround times and cost savings on logistics.

The Mansfield location was chosen to support several key clients based in Central England for who N2S deliver Storage, Installations, Reporting and WEEE disposal services. The site will also provide a useful base for a wide range of other projects and services delivered by N2S.

The team has recently completed its first major project from the new site, installing 1700 printers to over 1500 sites for a national UK Pub Chain over a 9-week period. This was fulfilled with eight N2S staff one-man teams installing printers across approximately 250 sites per week. This project combined installations across the Pub sites with other work to reduce logistics costs and increase efficiency, all of which was possible due to the central location of the new site.

By running the project out of the new Mansfield site, where 80% of Lexmark devices are now stored, the team were able to maximise the installations by tying in any Business as Usual work as well ensuring each project is more cost effective. We were also able to accommodate short notice and urgent requests with the site now being more local to the client’s engineers. This project was a success with both our client, and the sites they were having their printers being installed into, being happy with the services delivered.

By delivering projects out of a new dedicated site, we were also able to ensure we are keeping Lexmark 100% up to date on which printers have been installed and where. All engineers were debriefing daily with the Project Manager to ensure all reports to Lexmark were as up to date as possible, resulting in Lexmark successfully delivering their Toner replacement service within their KPI of 24hrs after install.

With the new site being dedicated to printer installation and WEEE projects, the team has also been able to take on larger scale projects than would not have been possible at the existing premises. With up to 250 devices going out and the same number being returned for WEEE within the same time frame, the team are now able to palletise and shrink wrap the WEEE devices as we unload, something that has previously been a challenge.

The five strong N2S team delivering these projects have a combined experience in Lexmark printer deployment of over 50 years. They regularly work on installations which take place as far north as Glasgow/Edinburgh and as far south as South Wales and Cornwall. They are currently working on NHS Projects in the North East and North West and the next major project to be undertaken from the new site will be the installation of over 100 big printers for a major London bank.

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