Is your IT equipment being unnecessarily dumped?

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  • 23 / 03 / 17
  • By N2S

In today’s fast-moving world of technology where equipment regularly needs upgrading and improving it is only natural organisations will create increased IT and electronic waste (e-waste).

It is the responsibility of all ethical organisations to ensure e-waste is disposed of in a secure and environmentally-friendly manner. It is equally important for organisations to support the circular economy by recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. However, the key question is how many of you are doing all you can to ensure your redundant IT equipment doesn’t end up in the ‘digital dumping ground’?

Failure to grasp the concept of the circular economy can mean companies and organisations will miss out on significant profit-making opportunities, but more importantly improper disposal of e-waste can and will severely damage our planet. Of course, improper disposal of equipment can also lead to data breaches, which leaves organisation at the risk of being issued with significant financial penalties of up to £500,000.

There is no escaping the fact all organisations would be wise to seek professional advice on dealing with e-waste and recycling matters. But who should you chose to help you with such issues and how can you be sure the advice you are receiving is the best advice? Well, there are some essential steps you should take before selecting a company to support your electronic recycling and disposal operations.

Firstly, you should ensure any company you commission to deal with your IT security, disposal and recycling has all the correct certification to ensure they are meeting statute requirements and directives. Any genuine company should be able to provide you with this information and their failure to do so should immediately set alarm bells ringing. It is also good practice for vendors to track the flow of all recycled materials through its journey from redundant to commodity; it is good advice to ask your vendor how they track your redundant materials. Thirdly, always request a meeting and ask to visit the company’s premises so you can view its operation first hand.

Unfortunately, there are still many e-waste and recycling companies in the market who do not work to proven best practices or in the most environmentally friendly, ethical or cost-effective way. You need to ensure you avoid these companies at all cost or the consequences could be severe.

Here at N2S we are not only market leaders in IT lifecycle management we are great believers in the circular economy and all it stands for. As a business of course we believe in making money, but we also believe in protecting the planet for the sake of our future generations. As such I am more than happy to personally provide anyone needing support with the issues discussed in this article with the best possible advice to ensure they are working in the most efficient, secure and environmentally friendly way.

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