Case Study: Ministry of Justice

The Brief:

Working with the Ministry of Justice, we supported The Legacy Decommissioning Project which set out to decommission handsets and related legacy Telephone equipment across 431 Ministry of Justice offices in the UK.


The Project:

Working as part of this project we were required to work on site at the Court Houses, installing handsets and undertaking server updates in the court rooms, judge’s offices and witness rooms.

The project required that a controlled shutdown, decommission of the equipment and installation of new equipment was undertaken to a specific timescale and without impacting the user.

This meant our expert team had to work to the timescales of the court house, to ensure they were not interrupting legal proceedings.


The Results:

The project was delivered to time and without any interruptions to the staff working within the courthouses.

“Your involvement in the project has been key. You professionalism and conduct in front of the end customer has been first rate and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally”

Andy Banks, NOP Legacy Decommissioning Project Manager, Ministry of Justice

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