Case Study: Installations of Lexmark Printers for Boots

Lexmark provides printing products, software, solutions and services to businesses worldwide. We work alongside Lexmark as an installations provider, partnering with them to install printers for retail outlets and companies throughout the UK.  As part of these projects we often also undertake printer deinstallations and IT recycling.

The challenge:

Recently we worked with Lexmark to install printers in 4,000 Boots stores throughout England and Ireland liaising both with a contact at Lexmark and directly with each of the Boots stores.

How we helped:

Lexmark approached us in 2016 with a project to install new printers in all Boots stores throughout England and Ireland. The brief included:

  • Deinstallation of the old printer equipment
  • Installation of the new Lexmark printers – the amount and types of printer changed depending each store’s requirements
  • Recycling of the old equipment

We started the project by drafting a schedule to roll out the installations across all 4,000 stores from June 2016 – January 2017 and submitted this to our contact at Lexmark. Once this was approved our team of 10 IT Engineers started the roll out of printer installations, mapped out specifically to each store’s individual requirements.

With a variety of Desktop printers with different options being installed, it was important that the project was planned properly to ensure the correct equipment was being delivered and installed to the relevant stores. By using an experienced team to deliver this it also meant any issues encountered, such as DOA’s, printer specified too large for the exact location they were planned for and Network issues could be overcome easily and the project still delivered on time.

The Results:

By working with us to complete this project, Lexmark provided a seamless service to their client Boots as we were able to deinstall the printers, install the new equipment and also remove and recycled the old printers. This provided a professional and cost-effective service rather than utilising a number of different companies.

Key Statistics:

4000 Stores inc. HQ

6428 devices installed and the same amount deinstalled and WEEE

N2S received fantastic feedback from Lexmark at all levels

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