Case Study: Large High Street Bank

We started working for a large high street bank brand five years ago, providing a data destruction service. With the amount of personal data their systems hold is it key they have peace of mind when working with a partner to destroy data.

The Brief

Working with the IT Group Services team and liaising with the IT Manager, we have worked on a number of projects to destroy hard drives and take media from data centres. These can often be large scale projects which run over the period of a fortnight to destroy up to 40,000 hard drives.


The Project

When we first started working for this client, we were asked to undertake a pilot project of 30 sites and have provided an ongoing service ever since.

We start each project by liaising with the IT Manager who sets out the requirements of the project and the data which needs to be removed. This often also includes the collection of redundant equipment from their data centres, which we then break down and recycle.

Our team would then provide a detailed project plan, timescale and cost for the project before we start.

As part of our work with this client we provide our services on site at satellite and communications/data sites powering down decommissioning equipment, erasing any data and then taking away the old equipment to recycle. By ensuring all data destruction is managed at the clients site and by offering a witnessed destruction option (where a member of staff can observe our team undertaking the destruction), we provide peace of mind that the data erasure is being completed to the highest standard.


The Results

Working with this client, we are required to work to a specific standard ensuring that all the data has been erased correctly. Our team has the expertise to destroy data up to Government secret level and can therefore tailor the service to each individual client’s requirements.

By providing an onsite service, we deliver each project with a face to face and professional service. With a team that are experienced in IT installation and deinstallation, IT recycling and data destruction, we are also providing a team which is able to adapt to the changing requirements of each project and deliver a smooth full service.

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