IT Asset Management - don't lose control

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  • 05 / 02 / 17
  • By kloc

In today’s IT driven world, it is becoming both increasingly important and difficult for businesses and organisations to keep track and control of their IT assets.

To maximise efficiency and value of IT assets it is vital effective management and tracking procedures are in place at all times. However, research shows many companies are finding it difficult to keep track of their IT assets and their current status.

Businesses today operate on a broader, more global scale with IT assets often purchased, implemented and maintained by different departments in various locations. Combine this with the fact that IT infrastructures are constantly changing and evolving, you can start to see where the difficulties occur.

Often IT infrastructures are so diverse companies can’t accurately manage important issues such depreciation of equipment, possible return on investment, adhering to licensing agreements, measuring running cost or system usage. The result of such issues inevitably result in inflated and unnecessary costs, ineffective performance, unplanned downtime and wasted opportunities.

IT asset management (ITAM) solutions can help solve all the above issues and when implemented with skill and professionalism will help organisations gain more effective control over their IT infrastructures. These systems have been so effective at helping companies derive greater value from their IT investments that the demand for such services continues to grow and grow. ITAM solutions enable businesses to implement effective technology-related functions, including purchasing, engineering, administration, inventory management, financial assessment and tracking. ITAM enables the effective and cost-efficient management of all technology assets from the beginning of their lifecycle to the end.
This means from procurement and implementation, to ongoing maintenance and through to redundancy and replacement. Armed with this information, organisations can improve infrastructure efficiency and performance, and minimise related overhead expenses.

Here at N2S, we have always offered a comprehensive ITAM service, but thanks to our exciting new partnership with Trackit Solutions, we are able to take this service to a whole new level, beyond anything else we believe is currently available on the market.

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