About us

N2S is an IT services company specialising in optimising supply chain economics, particularly for businesses in the finance, telco, media, public and government sectors. Our mission is to maximise value for end of life IT assets. We offer services including data destruction, site clearance/de-installations, WEEE disposal, and large scale installation services – all delivered via our fleet of tracked vehicles, by our workforce of highly skilled engineers.


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Why N2S?

At N2S, we pride ourselves on our tailored approach to IT Asset lifecycle management. Whatever your unique needs, we have a solution to meet them – to the highest standard, using the most innovative methods.

Our team is comprised of experts in IT installation, recycling, sales, and data destruction, who will ensure that all your business requirements are met, all while maintaining compliance to the highest of standards.


Achieve peace of mind

Guarantee compliance alongside the UK’s market leader in data security and protection


Free up valuable resource

Trust us to manage your asset lifecycle so you can focus on what really matters


Cut costs

Do more with your IT estate and reduce spend on logistics and storage


Become more green

Improve your environmental footprint and earn rebates by recycling

Onsite destruction with SC cleared engineers

Data destruction performed using Blancco’s certified sanitisation system

Collection of HDDs / devices using secure bins located within customer premises

0% of our IT disposals go to landfill


N2S holds all the necessary accreditations to securely, effectively, and professionally manage your IT asset lifecycle.

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